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Special Offer; 3 radical works by Steven Berkoff for only £12!*

Number 1: ’ The Secret Love Life of Ophelia’

 ‘Steven Berkoff’s startlingly original play charts the lover’s story beneath the surface of Shakespeare’s play. Berkoff’s play is shot through with images of courtly love, sexual desire and intimations of future tragedy. The chill of the ending perfectly offsets the preceding violent heat. A unique piece of work.’ (Faber and Faber £7.99)


Number 2: ‘Sit and Shiver’

 ‘The term used is actually ‘sitting Shiva’ (Jewish mourning for seven days) when friends and relatives commiserate in the home of the deceased. As children we always understood this to be ‘sit and shiver’, which also seemed most appropriate. While death has claimed the old man and triggered the usual inflated eulogies it had also brought to the surface grievances, only exacerbated when a surprise visitor shows up bearing strange news that threatens to tear the family apart.’ (Faber and Faber £8.99)


Number 3: ‘You Remind me of Marilyn Monroe’ –

‘From sensuous, stream-of-consciousness declarations of love to a brooding meditation on the wreckage of a relationship, this collection of Steven Berkoff’s verse gives us an intimate glimpse of the playwrights thoughts, pains and passions.’ (Herla £9.99)

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