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Three Theatre Adaptations | Paperback | New Signed Copy

Three Theatre Adaptations | Paperback | New Signed Copy


Steven Berkoff paperback book | New & Signed by Steven Berkoff | Three Theatre Adaptations |


At last three of the most famous Kafka stories in one book. Dramatised for the stage by Steven Berkoff:

The Trial


In The Penal Colony


Through his radical theatrical style Berkoff exploits the key metaphor of the novel: the labyrinth. Brilliant choreography allows the actors to create the continually shifting and ambiguous environment of Josef K’s nightmarish mental prison.”


“The demands Berkoff makes on his actors provides an elegant unification of action, speech and setting and a vivid sense of ensemble.” – Nick Curtis, Plays and Players


“Berkoff has evolved a remarkable Expressionistic manner of production which is all his own and which, paradoxically, glorifies the individual art of the actor.” – Michael Coveney, The Observer


Berkoff's first professional production and it was performed at London's experimental theatre, the Arts Lab, Drury Lane, in 1968. His adaptation of Metamorphosis, in which he played the part of Gregor, was first seen at the Round House in 1969. The Trial was first presented at the Oval House in 1970.


As a director Steven Berkoff fuses all the elements of drama together in a whole experience. His work is earthy, physical, musical and surreal and combines movement and mime with text to achieve a high dramatic intensity.



233 pages


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