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Shopping in the Santa Monica Mall | Paperback | New Signed Copy

Shopping in the Santa Monica Mall | Paperback | New Signed Copy


Steven Berkoff hardback book | New & Signed by Steven Berkoff | Shopping in the Santa Monica Mall | The Journals of a Strolling Player.


Steven Berkoffs name is associated with a particular vision of the world he navigates: always bizarre; often hilarious; frequently poignant; sometimes ugly but never mundane or ordinary.


He has been at the cutting edge of the British stage for 25 Years, but in this book turns his talents towards the world stage. Nothing escapes Berkoffs basilisk vision. Something as apparently normal as shopping in the Santa Monica Mall becomes a Kafkaesque vision of hell. And the sheer variety of experiences is dizzying: from a savage picture of a Jewish deli in Miami, to an afternoon with the toffs at Glyndbourne; then revealing the hedonistic delights of a luxury hotel in Madeira after plunging into an explosion on a film set with one of America's most volatile producers.


In the air, at sea, in Chicago, New York, France, Sao Paulo, the Bahamas, Australia and Rio, this is a journey round the world at Steven Berkoff's side. Brace yourself.


226 pages including B&W photos.


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