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Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains | DVD

Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains | DVD


Steven Berkoff DVD | Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains | Now available on DVD for the first time, Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains is a journey through Shakespeare’s most notorious characters with Steven Berkoff as your informed and entertaining tour guide. From the ‘genius’ villain that is Richard III to the ‘wannabe’ villain Macbeth, to the ‘student’ villain Hamlet, Berkoff portrays each of these and then goes on to analyse and discuss their motivation and what influences their decisions.

Review, Variety:

“In a performance that is part boldly interpreted Shakespearean scenes, part stand-up comedy and part academic analysis, Berkoff provides enough sporadic moments of brilliance to captivate the audience even though the piece — appropriately subtitled “A Masterclass in Evil”.

Review, New York Times:

Malevolent with false resignation, and in a most wicked touch of incorrectness, with just a hint of a Catskills inflection, Mr. Berkoff's Shylock is breathtakingly complicated: pitiful, grotesque, evil Jewish. That's not Shakespeare 101; it's the advanced class.

Review, BBC

Bringing in comedy throughout, Steven Berkoff manages to make Shakespeare and the theatre not only relevant but also appealing. The show is slick and fast paced, the end coming abruptly and as a surprise, but this makes the whole act more memorable. Well worth seeing.


Region 2 DVD Format.


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