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Venice Beach & Eat Dollink! 2 for 1 DVD

Venice Beach & Eat Dollink! 2 for 1 DVD


Steven Berkoff DVD | Venice Beach & Eat Dollink!


A special edition double disc of two documentaries made by Steven Berkoff in Los Angeles.


The first, 'Eat Dollink', is a study of the American Deli, which has obsessed Berkoff for many years. The second, 'Venice Beach', is his tribute or study of the human relics the legendary area of Venice Beach.


Berkoff got to know them and was much moved by their situation, and also much admiring of their grit and will to survive. He found himself connecting with them and in some cases even identifying with them. ‘But for the grace of God go I’.


Running time for both approx. 117 mins.

Region 2 DVD Format.


Please note the office is manned part time, so please allow:

3 working days to respond to any queries;

Up to 8 working days for UK purchases to arrive;

10+ days for International purchases to arrive.

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