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Salome | DVD or Video

Salome | DVD or Video


Steven Berkoff DVD | Salome | A drama-poem,


'Salome' as written by 0scar Wilde mostly in 1891 stirred by his attraction to Lord Alfred Douglas. Taken from the New Testament tale, Herod is so infatuated with his stepdaughter Salome that he promises her on oath up to half his kingdom in return for a favour, a libidinous dance. The favour she demands though is the head of John the Baptist on a plate. The play moves to Herod's battle to break his oath, and Salome's incredible scene with the Baptist´s Head.


The video includes an exclusive 10 minute interview with Steven Berkoff discussing his interpretation of the play.


Run time approx. 150 minutes.

Region 2 DVD Format.

Video on VHS Format.


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Up to 8 working days for UK purchases to arrive;

10+ days for International purchases to arrive.

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