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Plays 1 | Paperback | New Signed Copy

Plays 1 | Paperback | New Signed Copy


Steven Berkoff Paperback Book | New & Signed by Steven Berkoff | Plays 1 | critically acclaimed book covering East, West, Greek, Sink the Belgrano!, Massage, Lunch, The Bow of Ulysses, Sturm und Drang.


Daily Mail

East: 'A play of boundless vitality. A piece of roller-coasting invention... Its two central characters are a couple of razor-happy randy tearaways of almost total moral repellence and absolute physical charm... Berkoff razzle-dazzles their lifestyle in a tumult of imagery; the language flashes from Shakespearean parody to the shatteringly profane... Restores one's faith and fills the cup of expectation to overflowing.'


Time Magazine

West: 'Raw, poetic energy... a hothouse of voluptuous imagery... for audacious originality, Berkoff is the top boy in contemporary British theatre.'


Evening Standard

Sink the Belgrano! skilled and audacious piece of theatre.'

273 pages


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