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Coriolanus in Deutschland | Paperback | New Signed Copy

Coriolanus in Deutschland | Paperback | New Signed Copy


Steven Berkoff paperback book | New & Signed by Steven Berkoff | Coriolanus in Deutschland | Steven Berkoff's journal of directing Coriolanus in Germany makes fascinating reading as one of Britain's most controversial figures of the theatre unfolds the agonies and pleasures of creating Shakespeare in German with a German group of actors.

No-one who has seen a Berkoff production, play or performance will be entirely unmoved by the experience, and the sensation is no less in reading this very personal diary of events, since it is written with the candour and forthrightness that characterises so much of his work.

Berkoff's productions are best known for their fusing of the many elements in theatre and strong physical imagery. The production of Coriolanus is here described in great detail and is a valuable guide to the mind of a theatre director in the throes of creativity and to the mind of Berkoff, which can never be less than interesting.

233 pages


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