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Steven Berkoff - One Man

one man

"One Man" is a three-act social satire, consisting of three short plays:

"Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe, adapted by Steven Berkoff

"Actor" by Steven Berkoff

"Dog" by Steven Berkoff

"To say this is a tour de force is to rob the phrase of all meaning. It is a unique theatrical experience" - The Daily Mail



tell-tale heart

Surely one of the scariest tales of dementia and murderous compulsion ever. A gothic tale of horror, told by a man who stands alone in the spotlight, protesting sanity while he explains how he systematically went about killing and dismembering a neighbour whose "vulture eye" offended him, and how his perfect crime went astray.


A portrait of an out of work and increasingly desperate Hamlet who walks an imaginary treadmill, dreaming of playing Hamlet and getting nowhere fast. The repetitious phrases may be theatrical but the blind ambition of this desperate, grasping man strikes a universal chord.



A hilarious day in the life of a football hooligan and his pit bull terrier, Roy. One minute Berkoff is the skinhead and the next he is Roy as he reacts to his master's cruel but sometimes loving antics……

It's a blistering indictment of the worst of British society, particularly its violent football fans.


"Funny, outrageous, obnoxious, crass yet seductive, Berkoff is a bundle of energy that could drive a locomotive up the wall" - New York Metro


‘Berkoff never offers just a character but paints a whole culture in local lurid detail. Don’t miss.’ - What’s On


‘Berkoff once more commands the stage with his formidable talent.’ - The Stage

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